My Writing This Semester

This semester I wrote from my perspective of many issues, regardless of what the texts may have concluded. I was not afraid to disagree with many sources who appeared to be credible and gave examples to back up my arguments. My writing also included spontaneity and passion. Many times I found myself writing a speech for a campaigning, anti-corruption politician rather than a weekly focus. At the beginning, I was nervous about meeting all specifications for my work. I eventually realized that I did not have to go too far out of my way to meet all of the specifications while writing freely. I felt that some of the questions for the weekly focuses could not relate to the topic of human trafficking easily, but my ways seemed to remain substantive. Surprisingly, I enjoyed writing my research narrative and my policy paper due to the freedom and amount of knowledge I was given to complete them. In my research narrative I was able to speak about my newfound knowledge of the corruption within the trafficking industry while addressing it in a way that could engage an audience. The time between my research narrative and my policy paper gave me time to target possible solutions and conclude which would be the best and how they could be implemented. My policy paper included almost everything I learned through the semester regarding human trafficking. My prior knowledge helped guide me to find the right material, but a class that gave me time and motivated me to analyze the issue led me to an understanding of what could really be done.


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