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Excerpt from Weekly Focus #9

“…the times where the perpetrators are actually convicted are not always given enough coverage to change those stereotypes. Media exposure gives many people perceptions of the rest of the world, and it may be the only perceptions they receive.”



My Writing This Semester

This semester I wrote from my perspective of many issues, regardless of what the texts may have concluded. I was not afraid to disagree with many sources who appeared to be credible and gave examples to back up my arguments. My writing also included Continue reading “My Writing This Semester”

Concluding What May Have Been Obvious

After spending most of my free time with both playing music and following politics, I came to this Political Science course with enough knowledge to discuss with my peers. I was very comfortable sharing my thoughts and opinions despite wanting to hear others more often than me. When we were told to choose a topic to study and learn about for the rest of the semester, I found it difficult to find a balance of my current knowledge, how much more I could learn, and how many people are going to be in that group. Continue reading “Concluding What May Have Been Obvious”

Excerpt from Policy Paper

“Contractors from the United Arab Emirates travel to surrounding countries and find working age men to move to Dubai with a fee of $2000 that they are told will be paid off within six months of work. When they arrive, they are stripped of their passports and work around 20 hours each day with much less pay than expected. The pay is so low that they are systematically forced to stay due the expensive process of going back to their homes.”